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First Report of Existence

  We find ourselves having been born into a Physical World. This World is within Existence, which is Eternal. It is constructive - as we are not afforded anything that we do not construct ourselves. However, because Eternity already and always exists, we have some things that are on loan essentially. Such things include the Universe and the Human form (which is based on the story of existence).  At first there wasn’t anything, then a partition: uncreated people on the further side, and on this side the creative Existence. The storage of potential people on the further side is white, while the existence is black. People emerge from the threshold via some location in this 2D space. Events, locations, and things in eternity are serial as well as parallel (it is not Time, but contains it - Time is not infinite it is temporary by definition). So, what locations were to be made can be considered to have always been made. This provides the ability of people to be or exist by selection of an o