First Report of Existence

 We find ourselves having been born into a Physical World. This World is within Existence, which is Eternal. It is constructive - as we are not afforded anything that we do not construct ourselves. However, because Eternity already and always exists, we have some things that are on loan essentially. Such things include the Universe and the Human form (which is based on the story of existence). 

At first there wasn’t anything, then a partition: uncreated people on the further side, and on this side the creative Existence. The storage of potential people on the further side is white, while the existence is black. People emerge from the threshold via some location in this 2D space. Events, locations, and things in eternity are serial as well as parallel (it is not Time, but contains it - Time is not infinite it is temporary by definition). So, what locations were to be made can be considered to have always been made. This provides the ability of people to be or exist by selection of an origin for themselves. These locations have certain qualities and it imbues some quality about the person using it. And then we existed.

One person named the Father of Spirits (often called God the Father) fashioned vessels for us from his Will which could have certain qualities. The Father came from a certain location to be able to do this, called the Wisp. It is a quality even to be able to move, and there is a location for Movement, and a giver of that quality to others. In fact this person (known as the aeon Zoë which means Life) is eminent from two different locations. At about this juncture in the progression of events, there was not really anything to do but join together and congregate. So all of the spirits existing at that juncture did just that. This location is called Unity.

Souls were created by the Lord. This is the Mind or Causality. It allows us to consider things that could happen in advance of performing something. It is not the Will. It is what enables Time to be created and experienced by us. Causality means things or events cause other events to happen. It is not fundamental to Existence but is fundamental to the Universe, which is made of Time / Energy / Matter. But there was no Universe at this point.

In Unity, it was asked: are we going to die? A person, speaking for the whole, said: no. Then they declared that person to be God. There are 100 souls of God that represent emotions and it is these that contain Unity and impart emotion upon the others. This person was tasked with hosting Creation. Also, the question was asked: are we going to live? A person, speaking for the whole, said: yes. This person was tasked with sending the people from Unity to Creation. This is achieved by their travel to a far out location known as Tao. The quality that was obtained is like a knife that can cut a person out of the circle/sphere. The former person is represented by the circle and the latter person is represented by the dot. There are 100 encircling the 1. This is what Unity looks like, with all the others in the contained white space (not depicted).

These two people decided to become one person. It was an extraordinary sensation and people got jealous. So much so that these others could not handle existence anymore. So the Circle person (God) created Time (the Universe or Creation) using one of their souls. The purpose of time or creation was to discover and obtain each person’s identity. The angels were tasked with this to help the others. After that, they get their turn. The actual apparent purpose is to fight. There are those whose identity is nothing and they wish to fight and kill and generally cause as much pain as possible to reflect how they feel about the fusion of the two mentioned earlier. And so one might call this the culling realm. Finally, the main reason for this Time-based Realm is for it to be proven that the two people of Godhood agree on absolutely everything. This means they are the same person.