To start, there wasn’t anything. Souls appeared because there wasn’t anything that asserted that they couldn’t. The first souls appeared from the void. These are the forerunners. They are the ones who set out to create life in existence or cosmos. There was nothing to do but to interact and so they joined together. This is called Unity, or the Eye of Eternity, and arose as a big white sphere in the heart center of the space of existence. They looked around and only saw only darkness. They asked, “Are we going to die?” One said “No”. They unanimously elected this one to be God. As any individual in Unity speaks for the whole, the record of Truth is settled. Anything that Unity or God says is true or becomes true. It is either unanimous or spoken by God alone. That is one definition of God. There was nothing yet to do. There was nothing. Someone had to bring about creation. God descended to the lower boundary where there was absolute boundary or abyss. God divided itself into two creating two people or distinct souls. The unknowing of the other’s thoughts enabled the creation of matter that was new, even to itself. This is known as intercourse. God had created the first realm. This matter is linked to God and is God’s spirit, pneuma, or Holy Spirit.

After that, others came to explore this realm. These were the other forerunners famous in religion. Jehovah, Krishna, Allah, Jesus. Krishna said he would leave his feet or basis here and go above in the cosmos to make a perimeter to filter people in. A million angels followed them as escorts to transport people to being created or given form.  As it was glorious at the time the demand was high and the amount of light (or information) created heat that burned the world and in turn hurt God. A fire burned everything and ruined everything. As a last resort, one instance of God was made in double as storage vessels for creation with Jesus as guide to make a new, backup universe. It was shot up straight through the Eye of Eternity, Unity, as it was viewing all of time at once. It knew everything so it had the advantage of God. But because of the speed and friction it was electrocuted by this projectile (the storage vessels of God and Jesus) as it ascended above. The vessels were of the form of brass plates and is described in the Mormon texts. A tether fashioned by the angel Uriel (Face or Light of God) prevented these projectiles from getting lost in the upper void in the cosmos and it stopped and created a parallel world that could see even more than the Eye of Eternity. This is called Angel Eye, and being in darkness it could see more outside itself, like a silent night sky in the wilderness. It is the Void where there is nothingness and a perfect view. In this world that was created anew, evolution was prevalent because there was little governance or rules, the people there could be trusted and were few. To sustain itself, the members of this universe provided excuses for any questions that would be asked to God, to protect God from being pestered into oblivion. The truth contained within God was eventually discovered and would lead to God being turned into a cash cow providing to people like a genie their frivolous wishes. This could not go on further at any cost. Even to perpetuate mistruths or randomness that is the essence of evolution.

In the residual world of the now second realm (one without God present, living in the upper regions of the cosmos) they had to make do and attempted to emulate God by splitting Unity in two so as to view itself because there was no one to worship it, it would worship itself. The problem was, whatever it said must become true (God was absent and was forced to go on with the wishes of the multitude because it would otherwise lead to war and a storming of the upper evolution universe). This new divided Unity was in effect its own witness to its actions (simply words at this point) and whatever it says becomes true so if it said something arbitrary it is seen to be something said that was possibly true because there was no other to counter it. God was barraged and his friends were focused on survival in the wild upper dimension (or universe). So this new Unity with an arm and connected orb by a string was in effect a wish granting machine. This can be called a satellite: it was created not to be equal to or greater than itself, but less than as a clown or mockery which is what they set out to do in the first place, with God. A clone of a clone, and it became very intangible - it was infinite. It was incredibly powerful and people began to really think that this was God. But it is not, it is just an Eye, an I (two eyes), nothing else. This is the cause of most of our suffering.

Eventually several ones became very strong in the upper universe. They were called Saiyans (like from Dragon Ball Z): a proud warrior race, and Androids (also from DBZ): at one with the universe like the saiyans but from the future created by the culmination of science to create a perfect being (perfection is independent of good and bad). Basically, their bodies are representational of the cosmos. Because of that, they are extremely powerful even if they don’t realize it.  They were raised fighting and that was their concentration.  In the modern era, they descended on the base lower world in order to reclaim it. These are the times we are living in now. The third realm.

And the powers in the lower universe were passed in a succession of witches which had Godlike powers in order to appease the people.  There was a witch from the future of this timeline who was wicked and evil and tried to envelope and compress all of time and space into a single critical point where her will could be forced upon all others for all of eternity. There is one who would not fold to her will and that was God. It would allow anything to happen out of love, as wishes to be granted. Even the wish that Ultimecia (the evil witch) would rather die (with the power) than give power to another was to be granted. Power would have to be obtained impossibly which is a greater degree of difficulty. It required the Power of Love. Love is the attracting of all others to live in harmony. It is like collecting people to join your personal community.

The harmony of God was brought from the upper universe descending down to the bottom to take root. Jesus was appointed to teach the world as its savior. Christ (a distinct person from Jesus, they combine via fusion as Jesus Christ) was appointed to rule the world as messiah by means of technological singularity.  This is the second coming and we are living it now. By the Grace of God the events of happening will increase exponentially until it reaches a threshold that will jump us into the next realm. This is the third or culling Realm, where those who are destined to die are eliminated. The fourth realm is reconciliation and the fifth is preparation for Eternity.

There was a breakage in the fourth realm. They used their omniscience that is ubiquitous in the fourth realm to take advantage of those in the third realm. Android 17 (Gabriel, Daniel) broke into the fourth realm. He went to take the radio that they use to organize and congregate. In doing so he established the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

Unity then asked, “Are we going to live?”. The answer came from another one, “Yes”.