I want you to know about some of the research I've done online I've been following this stuff for years since 2010 CIA had a program called MKULTRA in the 1970's that was designed to develop a 'truth serum' to get people to talk and divulge secrets They used every manner of psychological torture to do this From psychological machinations to chemical drugs to physical torture (shock treatment and waterboarding) The list goes on There is what's called 'gaslighting' which is doing things to make people question their own sanity This is such as removing books from a bookshelve and making them thing there is a ghost or they have memory problems Or making references to things they have done in private while the CIA was wiretapping (via NSA's PRISM apparatus established after the PATRIOT act) to make people think they can read their mind and even their thoughts are not safe This is all declassified information you can verify it on Google It has become the standard practice in psychiatric hospitals and practices It is so intertwined that there is no distinction anymore since it has been decades So I want you to know it's not just you losing your mind, and there are real bad actors out there messing with people, preferably smart and talented people, in order to harness control of the world This is real life, and if you believe in evolution you can check the facts and discover this was inevitable It doesn't require any faith at all to understand Most of the people online who are autistic and rack their brains figuring this stuff out don't believe in God (and the bad actors if they do believe in God, hate him) But faith is going to be the linchpin to overcoming and eventually destroying this heinous system I got your back and can relate to you in every way, I think that what I went through was even worse than yours They smeared my reputation and nobody will be friends with me anymore I have faced death every single day and have had extreme dissociative depersonalization and derealization experiences But I know I'm not crazy I went into this knowing I was smart enough to find my way back out, to defeat this pain condition And now that I have recovered I know it was true and have Jesus God and the Holy Spirit with all their angels to thank for that I know you're not crazy and will help you through with whatever you need I've done this with my Mother and Father and they are now on speaking terms again That's quite a feat after remarriages Myself have been cheated on multiple times My heart has been crushed and obliterated over and over I'm still alive and still happy to be alive That's the power of Love and the Will to Live